Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stop and Listen

When was the last time you were still and listened to music? Driving in the car doesn't count. Having your iPod connected to your ears while you were walking to class doesn't work either.

I mean listening at the point where that was the only thing being done. Not working, or exercising or doing chores...just listening. No distractions. Obviously, this requires at least standing or sitting. I recommend sitting - especially if you plan to listen to more than one piece of music. Symphonic movements might require sitting, so yes, just sit...and listen.

Pay attention to the words (if there are any). Follow the bass line. Savor the Oboe or Cello. Detect the ambient noise layered on the track. Just listen. Be still, quiet the mind, remove all distractions and take a moment to enjoy.

This is a reason why I like vinyl records. Vinyl is not a portable medium (unless you're the Green Hornet). Turntables require you to submit to a fixed location to hear the music. Now you could clean the room the music was playing in and still enjoy the music, but I doubt you would have really listened to it. You have to stop what you're doing.

So get out your favorite record or CD or Mp3 and sit down. Put the kids to bed, turn off your phone and listen... enjoy.


  1. Good first post! Can't wait for the next!

  2. I grew up with hundreds of vinyl from the 40s all the way to the 80s. I would sit in front of the stereo where I grew up and just got lost in the music. My favorite as a child was "the entertainer" and I continue to just sit and absorb the music...sometimes to an obsession. Love music, and always will. Tonight I'm listening to another fav. Moonlight Sonata. Good blog.